A postpartum doula is a professional support person who's trained to help both the baby as well as the family in the days and weeks after birth. Doulas provide education about infant care such as swaddling, feeding, nailcutting, babywearing and bathing. They will also look after your newborn while you are in your home so you can rest and recharge with your infant close by. Postpartum Doulas offer support in the household management side of things such as: Laundry, dishes, housework, cooking and errands to name a few. By caring for the new parent, they are then themselves nurtured and can now nurture the newborn. 

Postpartum Doulas: 

-Provide emotional, physical and informational support during the postpartum period that reflect the famlies values and needs

-Encourage informed decision making

-Support and assists with infant feeding

-Educate the family on newborn care and characteristics

-Provide support to the partner

-Assist with household organization

-Referals to healthcare and/or other professionals as well as support groups and classes.  





A Postpartum Doula will not : 

-Diagnose medical conditions

-interpret medical diagnoses or clinical results

-Prescribe or administer treatment of medical conditions

-Preform clinical procedures such as: taking infants temperature or administering medications to infant or caregiver

-Take over complete care of the infant, including buckling infant into carseat and cutting infants fingernails

-Transport any family members

-Stay alone with babies or other children

-"Sleep train" babies

-Act as a housekeeper or nanny