From some of my families and other professionals.....


"Our son arrived at 28 weeks! Amy was there for us in those first few weeks postpartum (once home) helping my husband and I figure out how to balance work, home, and travels to the NICU. She meal prepped and froze a few weeks worth of dinners, stored my breast milk and washed the bottles so that they were ready for me to use again, stocked my bedside with drinks and snacks, went grocery shopping, walked our dogs, and even packed my husband and I to-go dinners so we could go straight from work to the hospital. She helped both my partner and I transition through the emotional rollercoaster that we were on after having an emergency C-section, and an infant in the NICU".


"We are so grateful for Amy! She helped us become a family--in many ways--and so much more..She helped bring our baby into this world--I couldnt imagine going through labor/birth without her! We are so lucky to have her expertise and skill as our sweet babe grows. We love her so much! Thank you!" 

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"Amy was so supportive throughout the whole process of having a baby. We met a few times before I had Simone to get to know me and learn about my birth style. Amy was easy to talk to and very informative about what was about to happen to my body. She is also very genuine and funny, which helped me feel comfortable. I think the best part about having her by my side was when she came to my house after Simone was born and taught me important things like, how to use a carrier, ways to calm a crying baby and how to use my pump! She was there for me to talk to so that I felt like what I was doing was okay. Most of all she told me that I was an amazing mom right from the start, when I had no clue what I was doing and that helped me be an amazing mom"